It is an app that allows direct access to all your bank accounts and transfer instantly using your mobile device 24/7.

Any customer with a bank account in the banks providing the service, considering that the mobile number used must be registered at the bank. While having either a Debit or Meeza prepaid card from the same bank.

All your banks accounts and Meeza pre-paid card enrolled in the banks providing the service.

Customer must submit his Debit card number and card PIN to authenticate his account during the onboarding process in case of onboarding an account and his Meeza prepaid card number and card PIN in case of onboarding Meeza Prepaid card

All sensitive data submitted by the customer are secured by your bank, however its banks & customer mutual responsibility to secure the data, considering that InstaPay has no access to this data, please review the Information security and data privacy section for more information

Information security and data privacy

InstaPay is the first Payment Service provider (PSP) application licensed by the Central Bank of Egypt to operate over the Instant Payment Network (IPN),
Enabling instant transfers between banks 24/7
The CBE license entails InstaPay’s full compliance to information security and data Payment privacy legislations and requirements.

Instant Payment Network member banks are integrated into the network to accept and process onboarded customers instructions based on customer authorization. The network member banks are licensed by the CBE to allow InstaPay to process customers’ transactions

The application’s license mandates the secure processing of customer information, prevention of misuse and unauthorized access.

InstaPay is guided by data integrity and purpose limitation principles. The app collects data particularly for two purposes:

i) Building customer profile during the registration process, where the collected data is limited to Name, Date of Birth, Gender, email and Mobile Number

ii) Processing the transaction including the transaction value and beneficiary details

in all cases no sensitive data is collected by InstaPay

No. Data privacy restrictions mandates that InstaPay does not store and/or has access to customer bank account; it is only denoted by a reference while the actual account number is stored at your bank.

In all cases InstaPay do not have access to the consumer sensitive data, bank account details and/or balance

The sensitive data is defined as your card number, card PIN, OTP submitted during onboarding and the IPN PIN submitted either during definition or during transactions processing authentication.

End-to-end encryption for all the above sensitive data is implemented. Thus, the App has no access, nor rights, nor ability to fetch and/or store such sensitive data, all sensitive data are encrypted between the customer and his bank

Both Balance and/or Mini-Statement are considered as Sensitive data, hence InstaPay has no access, nor rights, nor ability to fetch and/or store these types of Sensitive date.

InstaPay is licensed and regulated by the Central Bank of Egypt as an authorized Payment Service Provider (PSP). The CBE license guarantees the maximum level of data security and consumer data protection, and ensures that all InstaPay operations and/or processes are fully compliant with CBE legislations.

Processed transaction through InstaPay

The app guarantees quality as far as the service is concerned; however, with several parties involved in the transaction success, network connectivity and member banks service may impact the desired assurance.

Your Bank, according to all regulation, it is always the bank’s responsibility to secure and oversee your account. Only a proper authorization from the customer shall allow the bank to process the transaction

Absolutely no, this cannot be done technically, as all transactions are secured using IPN PIN which is not accessible or exposed to InstaPay.

Banks will not authorize any transaction without proper consumer consent using IPN PIN


  1. Download the app from your mobile device’s app store
  2. While going through the onboarding process, you will need to ensure your mobile number is registered at your bank.
  3. You will be then asked to create a unique IPN account and Secure it using an IPN PIN

Once your mobile is verified, you will have to select your bank account, add your account, set your IPA and set your IPN PIN.

An Instant Payment Address “IPA” is a simplified address for your account per app which you can use to send and receive money on IPN instead of using the full bank account details. Think of it as an email Address which you can use to transfer money.
IPA is presented in the form of name@instapay

There is no limit to how many of your accounts you can link. However, all the accounts you would like to register must be registered at your bank using the same mobile number.

The app allows you to create one IPA for each account so you can have any number of IPAs based on the number of registered accounts.

You need to make sure that the mobile number you have used during the registration is the same mobile number registered with your accounts in the bank, in addition to the correct card number & card PIN. You might need to contact your bank to update your information.

Your IPA cannot be changed once created

Appreciate to go to Setting then:

  • Click on Apps.
  • From side menu click on “Special access”
  • Select InstaPay app.
  • Select “ Always allow”
Now you can retry sending the SMS.

Yes, InstaPay users can register on InstaPay while using the application abroad
Please put in consideration the below:

  • Using Egyptian number, and the number should be the one saved at the bank.
  • Registration SMS must be sent from the same mobile number registered at the bank


IPN PIN is a 6 digits number defined by the customer per account. IPN PIN is used for authenticate and authorize your instructions. IPN PIN is a sensitive data that is secured by your bank, in all cases you should never share or expose your IPN PIN to avoid any associated risks.

Your IPN PIN is defined per account and stored at your bank, whenever you reuse your account same IPN PIN shall be used

From manage accounts

  • Click on the blocked account
  • Click on forgot/unblock IPN PIN
  • Enter your card number & Card PIN 
  • You will receive SMS with OTP
  • Enter OTP
  • Enter the new IPN PIN
  • Confirm the new IPN PIN to unblock your account

From manage accounts

  • Click on the account that you would like to rest its IPN PIN
  • Click on forgot/unblock IPN PIN
  • Enter your card number & Card PIN 
  • You will receive SMS with OTP
  • Enter OTP
  • Enter the new IPN PIN
  • Confirm the new IPN PIN

Sending Money

You can transfer to bank accounts, IPA, mobile numbers, meeza digital wallets, and any Meeza card.

You can send money from any registered account, you will be asked to select from which account you want to use to send the money.

Users can send money using one of the following beneficiary details:

  • IPA (Instant Payment Address)
  • Mobile Number
  • Digital wallet mobile number
  • Bank account number or IBAN
  • Any card (Debit, Credit or Prepaid) for a member bank

Yes, Instapay app retrieves beneficiary’s information as recorded in the bank as additional validation step in case of IPA and mobile number.

Limits are defined as following:

  • EGP 70,000 per transaction
  • EGP 120,000 daily debit per bank
  • EGP 400,000 monthly debit per bank


  • You can send & receive money instantly.
  • You can check your balance and mini-statement

Currently InstaPay users can transfer at any time while being abroad

Please put in consideration the below:

  • Egyptian Sim card (same mobile number at the bank) should be presented all the time in the mobile device.
  • You can use any available internet connection as soon as your Egyptian number is represented in your device.

Receiving Money

Share your IPA or Mobile number or initiate a collect request

A request sent to a payer through his IPA or mobile number to request specific amount of money. The request can be accepted or declined by the payer

The money that you will receive based on your mobile number will be posted to the default account, you can change the default account from account management, if you have only one account, then this is your default account.

There are no limits for receiving money

Transaction tracing

InstaPay provides you with the transaction status instantly, the status can be one of the following:

Successful Transaction: means that the transfer amount is credited to the beneficiary account. 

Rejected Transaction: means that the transfer was rejected, and the transfer amount is reversed to the sender account.

Pending Transaction: which means that the transaction is sent to the beneficiary bank which will executed it shorty. The transaction status will be updated shortly with either being successful or rejected.

Whenever a transaction is declined on InstaPay, the bank will automatically reverse the transaction to your bank account immediately, in case transaction is not reversed, please contact your bank and provide them with the transaction reference number to track the transaction.

As long as the transaction is approved and appear successful in InstaPay, then that means that the amount got credited successfully to the beneficiary account. Please provide the beneficiary with the transaction reference to check the issue with the bank

The pending transfer is a transfer that the beneficiary bank didn’t confirm crediting it to the beneficiary bank account. InstaPay will update you with the transfer status either successful or rejected during few minutes. You can check the transaction status from the transaction history.

A successful transaction cannot be reversed.

Please contact your bank, provide them with the transaction ID for investigation and resolution.
Please note that all rejected transfers should be reversed instantly .

Bill payment

Now you can pay all your bills as telecoms and utilities in addition to recharge services and donations. 

From home screen click on:

  • Bill payment
  • Choose the service category as telecom & internet bills, recharge, donations, etc.
  • Choose the sub category by flipping through different options available.
  • Enter the bill details and amount.
  • Click next

You will land on the summary page in order to review the payment details and confirm by entering the IPN PN

You can change the account after entering the bill payment details from the summary page. 

Click on the arrow beside your account (IPA) and a list with all the registered accounts will be displayed to choose between them.

The status of your payment will be displayed in the confirmation page, and it will be either successful or rejected.

Transaction status shall be viewed at any time from transaction history

If the transaction is successful however the bill is not fulfilled, the bill service provider may take up to 24 hours to fulfill the bill or it will be reversed to your account.

If not reversed after 24 hours please contact your bank to raise a complain.

Please contact your bank, provide them with the transaction ID for investigation and resolution. Please note that all rejected transfers should be reversed instantly